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Hi, I'm Cortney. I'm a front-end developer and designer in Seattle. I am also an artist, a writer, a creative, and a geek. I create beautiful, usable websites and graphics, and I seek knowledge, which keeps me abreast of the latest trends and standards. I hand-code, because I am a maker.

I'm a digital native who's worked in gaming, education, and the non-profit sector, and managed a bar. I have a degree in design and development, and I'm currently teaching myself JSON APIs, AngularJS, Python, Ruby, and more about the back end because I really, really like databases.

I am currently available for freelance and contract work.

My Skills

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A Few Facts

  • I have tattoos in Calibri and Candara
  • It's a tossup between Iron Man and Phoenix
  • I built the Lego Ultimate Millennium Falcon
  • I never want to stop creating
  • There's no way to pick a favorite color or author
  • I have 45 Sharpies
  • I own three Macs and one PC; this is not enough