Cleantech Trip Booklet

Cleantech booklet cover
Cleantech booklet inside


Made in: InDesign CS3 for Windows
Dimensions: Printed size 4.25" by 7"

This booklet was created for the delegates on a one-week cleantech business mission to China, and features sections on the cleantech sector in Washington, and on the Greater Seattle region, which were translated into Chinese, and a trip agenda and biography of delegats. focused around cleantech. The booklet was made available to the delegates and to contacts in China.

Graphically, the booklet had to convey the sense of cleantech and the Greater Seattle region, while respecting Chinese colour theory. The interior sections had colour-coded edges, in a colour palette of two blues, two greens, and a gold. The same colours were used for styling emphasis in the rest of the booklet. The cover was composited from stock imagery, and became the visual brand of the cleantech business missions, being reused for a mission to Scandinavia the next year.